Benefits of Using Canvas Shopping Bags

The invention of plastic did bring along a lot of conveniences. However, that wasn’t for free. The world did bear the cost with everything from the ground to rivers getting polluted by plastic use. Thus, it is time to opt for a replacement or alternative that is eco-friendly and convenient too. Over the years, plastic bags have turned into a menace that has seeded many ecological issues. But as said, every problem has a solution; there is also a replacement for reducing the issue of plastic use.

In this article, we would be looking into one such replacement that has reduced our carbon footprint and contributed to the environment’s wellness.

Before elaborating on the benefits of canvas bags, let’s gain a sneak into how they are different from plastic bags. Continue to read:

How are Canvas Bags different from Plastic Bags?

Single-use plastic bags are quite difficult to recycle. Do you it takes about 300 years to photodegrade plastic that ends up clogging the landfills. They tend to break down into much tiny toxic particles that tend to contaminate water and soil, thereby making its way into the food chain through animals and plants. On the other hand, Canvas bags are made of cotton are organic and biodegradable, which is eco-friendly per se. Thus, while a plastic bag may have to be thrown away, you can use a canvas bag multiple times.

Why is it wise to opt for a Canvas Shopping Bag?

The reasons are plenty. Beginning with the environmental aspect, it also presents a myriad of benefits in terms of fashion, durability or space; there are plenty. So, let us herein look through a few benefits of using a canvas bag for shopping and why it is the wise alternative for all your needs.

You won’t be left embarrassed with a broken bag

It is something that many of us have faced in our life. Wherein your plastic bag ends up getting torn in the middle of the road, and all the stuff kowtows on the floor. Embarrassing and disappointing, isn’t it? It is not possible with canvas bags. They are designed with extra space and strength. Thus, it also reduces the need to carry extra plastic bags with you as a precaution while shopping. Instead, a single canvas bag will offer sufficient strength to carry heavier products.

A canvas bag equates the strength of 6 to 7 plastic bags. However, you may have to carry 3 or 4 to separate the groceries based on their type and temperature. Some bags come with multiple compartments where you can separate them inside one bag itself.

No more dumping of bags inside bags

Imagine where do all the plastic bags you brought from the market end up? These mostly end up inside one large plastic bag that is again shoved under yet another larger one. Moreover, it ends up getting stocked inside your sink or cupboard, thereby eating up on space. Thus, not only plastics clog the landfills but also areas inside your home. This problem resolved through the use of canvas bags for shopping. At the most, you may have two or four bags kept folded or hanging from a hook, thereby saving much more space.

A considerable saving on your money

Plastic bags are often available for free at shopping marts, making people think it to be cost-effective. However, the result is quite the contrary. However, considering the increasing menace of plastics, the government has added a fee on plastic bags. While it may seem as a mere amount to spend, purchasing a single canvas bag will save you a lot of money in the end. Now imagine how much money in total you will be saving by using a canvas bag?

Lets the planet breathe again

The biggest advantage of using canvas shopping bags is using fewer plastics, thereby preventing it from getting dumped on landfills or rivers. Thus, as the environment is safe, it will ensure no entry into the food chain, thereby building the illness’s dominos.

Cost-effective and stylish to carry along, take a step ahead towards the ecology by being economical. Use canvas shopping bags that are reusable, washable and biodegradable. A step towards the environment today will cleanse the future of darkness.