Buying the Best Baby Bottle to Prevent Gas -Things to Consider

Colic in babies is something that parents lose sleep over for days or weeks together. Gassiness and indigestion are often the culprit in such cases, which in turn depends on the way the babies feed. The air that gets into the little one’s digestive system when sucking milk may not find an easy way to escape. This causes discomfort in the baby, who quickly turn to cry to best express his/her uneasiness. Thankfully, inventions like anti-colic bottles can be of great help. Here are a few tips to helps you buy the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

  • The bottle shape and size

Baby feeding bottles come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them are straight, while the others are angular or curved, and so on. The choice of the bottle size depends on your baby’s age and how much milk she can take in a single feeding. The older your baby, the more the capacity of the bottle needs to be. As for shape, the feeding position plays a big role in your choice. If your baby feeds in the reclined position, traditional bottle shape is the best. However, if your little one sucks in milk when seated or in an upright position, an angled or curved bottle may be better to help direct the gas bubbles away more easily.

  • The flow

Bottles and nipples with the slow flow are typically the best for colicky babies. Taking in too much milk at once can cause the little tummies to get distended, bloated, and in turn uncomfortable. However, too slow a flow can also cause your baby to suck hard, and in turn, swallow more air. When buying an anti-colic bottle, look for one with nipples of varying flow levels, including a slow flow, so that you can try out different options before settling on the one that is best suited for your baby, his age, and hunger.

  • The nipple shape

The shape of the nipples vary from one brand to another, but what you need to look for is something as close to natural breastfeeding as possible. The choice narrows down to what your baby prefers and how comfortable he/she feels. Some like wide nipples while others prefer narrow ones. To choose the right and best one, pay attention to how your baby latches and select one that’s closest to your breast and nipple shape and size. Also, ensure that what you pick does not cause your little one to consume more air.

  • Bottles and nipple vents

Nipples are essentially designed in a manner that when your baby sucks on the bottle, a vacuum gets created. When this vacuum is released, milk flows into the nipple again. However, this can cause air to build up and in turn, your baby gassy. To prevent this, best baby bottles that prevent gas and colic are designed with extra vents in the nipples or bottles to aid the release of air. This prevents large air bubbles from forming in the milk that your baby sucks in.

  • The material

Bottles and nipples can be made of a wide variety of materials, but the most common ones are plastic. They are easy and comfortable to use as well as to carry around. But, not all materials are equal and some plastics can leach toxic chemicals into your baby’s formula, making it potentially harmful for little ones. When choosing anti-colic baby bottles, look for those that are free of chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Also pick nipples made of silicone for a natural, breast-like feel.

Other features like bottle liners that collapse on themselves can help prevent your baby from swallowing in too much air when feeding. However, these liners are disposable, meaning you will need to buy new ones from time to time to feed your baby. Also, they create waste and may not be a great choice for parents looking for eco-friendly options.

Finding the right anti-colic feeding bottle for your baby can take a bit of time, trial and error. Be patient and consider the different features and tips mentioned above. Rest assured, you can find the best baby bottle to prevent gas, without much trouble.