Custom T Shirts – Where to Find These Custom T Shirts

Regardless of whether you like to extend your market reach with massive campaigning, organizing social awareness curriculum, fundraising program for a social welfare activity or interested to boost fraternity and team spirit among students of your school or employees, consider using custom t-shirts, an ideal means to attain your objective in the most easiest and cost-effective way.

In fact, nearly all of us are quite familiar to come across salespersons in counters, service technicians who come to our home for providing services for some branded company or fundraising groups wearing customized shirts imprinted with unique logo, various themes, and corporate slogan etc that typically communicates their purpose, identity, and pride and boost a sense of togetherness in the team. Therefore, with such an intention in mind, if you’re looking for an ideal place to purchase custom t-shirts for your company or endeavor, simply go for professional makers and marketers of custom T shirt companies.

Why Go For Experts?

With a whopping global market demand, the custom t-shirt printing market is rising at the fast pace which has literally brought mushroom printing houses in the industry. So, before placing the order, make sure that you are working with a specialized team with adequate knowledge in the industry, great artists, and professional designers, well-versed screen developers, and the automatic printing press. For your better understanding, here we will discuss the entire procedure followed by professional t-shirt companies.

How it Works

• All you’ve to do is to prepare a draft plan which may contain the image or theme, the logo of your company or society as well as the slogan that you like to put into it. You can get the design plan from plenty of ideas available online with the corporate website of custom T shirt companies. Nevertheless, if you’ve some great plan in your mind and like to create the same, get a rough drawing, scan the idea, and deliver the same to the community after having an official discussion.

• Your idea/plan is further drawn by top talented artists specialized in fine arts by hand and then developed by computers with latest software support. All through the process of developing your artwork, the customer support team work with you over phone or face to face online to bring needful changes and modifications enabling you to reach the final goal. And before getting it in the press, they get your final approval on the design to go ahead.

• Once the drawing is approved, this goes the production cell for developing the screen which is done with the support of DTS technology.

• The entire silk screen printing work is performed in the auto press setting that ensures the ability to take care of even the smallest issues of your custom made shirts. There are absolutely no chances of color distortion or coat unevenness and you can get the finest class of printing which is perhaps the biggest reward of working with professional printing houses.

• Before the garments are packed, the batch goes through final quality control check and then the colors are dried under a set of 1000 watt bulb temperature that helps in superior bonding and ensures the longevity of the paint.

Important Points to Note:

 Always go for a company that has long experience in apparel printing based on the silk screen method with knowledgeable technical staff. Make sure that they are specialized in printing custom T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, crewneck shirts, and hats. This helps in developing other products like hats or sweatshirts as per your future needs from time to time for market promotions, fundraising, or merchandise.

 Many specialized companies do not charge clients for developing the artwork, screen, as well as preparation of the setup. Since the entire data is stored with them (as your copyright), they can be used for the future purpose as you place further orders.

 Ensure the delivery time. For a company with an automatic printing machine, after final approval of the artwork and developing the screen, printing work takes only 10-30 minutes to finish a bulk quality. However, since it follows some more procedures like QC, drying, packing, etc you can get the shipment with a few days from ordering.

 Choose a company that is ready to entertain you even with minimum orders quantity while you should talk for a special discount when you have a bulk order. Irrespective of the number, the company should be committed to offer affordable rates and stick to quality policies.