Customized Shirts: What You Need to Know Before Ordering

Not surprising, the demand for customized shirts has been skyscraping all over the world due to their trendy appeal, innumerable varieties, and uniqueness. Apart from extensively used for campaigning purpose and promotional giveaways, from corporate enterprises to various societies prefer using them to foster brotherhood and team spirit among the community. They are also procured by large scale retail shops for selling online and through big malls and stores. As a prospective buyer for custom made shirts, you should be caring for certain factors before placing an order that helps maximize your return.

The Purpose of Ordering

Before ordering customized shirts that you’re looking for, it’s vital for you to know the aim of procuring them since that guides you in their purposeful designing. For example

• Promotional giveaways

These are typically used for promotional purpose as free giveaways with an aim to brand your product or services to the target audience. So, naturally, like promotional gifts, the designing should be focused on promoting your company/brand logo, the image of the product, the theme of services or slogan. You can also use them as event mementos and distribute among employees or business channel partners as a symbol of solidarity and appreciation.

• Retail Merchandise

You might be planning to market customized shirts through online and offline retail shops and your own sales counters. When retailing of custom t-shirts is your objective, your main focus point should be to go with the designs that are in trend to fetch the high marketability. Apart from various trendy patterns of shirts, you should consider imprinting your merchandise with catchy maxims, great color combinations, appealing themes, and images as well as your brand logo.

• Promote Fraternity/ Sorority

You can use them to promote fraternity among employees, students, community, or society. While fostering brotherhood in the organization, the designing of the t-shirt should equally be focused on branding the status of your society. Ideally, people go with minimalist design to establish their corporate image and usually, such designs include corporate slogans, logo, matching themes, as well as corporate color.

Quantity vs. Price – Relation

Depending on the objective of your ordering for customized shirts, you must be planning to procure them in certain quality as per requirement. Deciding the quality is essential before ordering since with a higher volume, not only can you avail a quantity discount but also get the developing charge or printing cost partially and absolutely free. Not that, you’ve to go for any huge volume, however, as the job is specially customized for you, and involves lots of works including designing, approval, developing screen and following the unique technique of printing, a greater volume comes with special discounted price very naturally.

Silk Screen is Unparalleled

Based on the factors such as your volume, production time, type of materials, finishing and cost, you should settle on the most fitting printing method. Among various methods of printing t-shirts such as screen printing, direct to garments (DTG), heat press printing, and vinyl printing, ideally, silkscreen is considered as the best method that ensures seamless replication of the design, no matter, how big the volume is. Prior to placing your order, make sure to get your customized shirts imprinted via automatic screen printing machine which offers 100% consistency, integrity in color bonding and cost-effectiveness. Whether you go for 100% cotton shirts or the demanding blend of cotton and synthetic fiber finished materials, silk screen can bring you the best results. With auto printing machine, you get the fastest delivery too.

Where to Find the Design

In fact, you’ve two distinct options. First of all, get through the design gallery of customized shirts which has been packed with plentiful design concepts that are top demanding in the market. However, if you like to feature the custom shirt with a unique idea, simply depict the concept on a paper and get it fully drawn and developed by professional artists available with your proposed service provider. Once developed, they get final approval from you before the printing process.

Customized Shirt Detailing

• Decide the type of shirts out of the most popular varieties such as formal t-shirts, crewneck shirts, sweatshirts.

• Consider the type of fabric like 100% cotton or a combination of colon and poly fiber.

• While deciding on the fabric color or print color (ink), always consider the color fabric color as the canvas or the base and according decide the type of print colors to make it complement to each other and portray your emotion in the best way.