Features to Consider While Shopping Doctor Recommended Baby Bottles

Babies are the expression of love and innocence. They bring a smile to our face no matter how worried we are. Everyone in the family cares about the little one and gives their best to their cute baby. A mother is emotionally bonded to the baby. She is protective and caring.

By using baby bottles even, the father and siblings can bond with the baby. When it comes to providing the best food and comfort for the babies, parents never fail to choose the best. Doctors recommend feeding the babies with distilled purified water. Babies have to develop their immune system and digestive system. Consuming contaminated water may lead to a defect in the systemic development of the baby’s body.

What Does a Baby Need?

A Baby needs a healthy diet with a proper proportion of nutrients and minerals. If the supplementation of the minerals is more, then there are consequences of a mineral overdose in the baby.

Phosphorus is an essential element to maintain good health, but an overdose of phosphate leads to dysentery.

The baby needs water with a sufficient amount of nutrients. Pediatricians advise baby bottles as a special concern. The Doctor recommended Baby bottles are clinically proved to be healthy.

How do doctors recommended baby bottles help?

The Doctor recommended baby bottles contain distilled water which is on formula or rice cereal. The process of distilling purifies the water and removes the mineral content already present in the water.

Minerals are essential, but they are already sufficiently present in the rice cereal or any formula used. To prevent the overdose of minerals, the distilled water is advised.

The baby bottles are phosphate-free. Phosphate content in water causes the development of more organic and mineral content. It also causes a decrease in the dissolving of oxygen in the water. The baby bottles are to be wisely chosen to ensure the quality of the drink that baby consumes.

The healthy growth of a baby is an important part of human life. Proper nourishment is crucial. Feeding distilled water is safest. Also, the nipple of the bottle should be slow flowing and made of silicone or latex to ensure a motherly touch.

There are many reasons why doctors recommend baby bottles. Some of them are:

● No contaminants

● Mineral free

● Helps in the removal of acidic waste from the body

● No chance of water-borne diseases

● Helps in the development of the systems of the body

● Phosphate-free

● BPA-free

Consequences of not using the right baby bottles

Any normal family would feed the baby with the same water which they use at home for drinking and cooking purposes. Though sometimes the effect of the water may not be so prominent, after a certain period the effects lead to the sudden growth of diseases. The symptoms subside temporarily after the use of medications.

But the complications are reflected later in the development of internal organs which leads to congenital disorders at later stages of the life of the baby. Many water-borne diseases that affect the baby’s health.

We often observe a sudden increase in body temperature of the baby and sometimes dysentery even after following the diet chart. The importance of distilled water in the diet chart remains unnoticed. There is no awareness of providing purified water to the baby. Healthy drinking water is as important as the healthy nutritious food we provide.

Water content plays a major role in every metabolic activity of the body. We have immunity that fights against the diseases to some extent. The babies are in a developing stage and their immune system is weak in their early life. The normal water or mineral water which we consume might affect their body. Mineral overdose may also cause further complications in the baby’s growth.


Health is more important than anything. Being healthy matters. The baby’s smile is worth a million dollars. When it comes to the health of the little one, we always want to choose the best. A healthy baby means a healthy family.

Taking care of the baby and giving the best food and water is our responsibility. Consulting a doctor for their advice and choosing the doctor recommended baby bottle is the best way to care for your child.

Babies can not describe what is hurting them. Parents are the ones who are to understand them and comfort their needs. Happy babies equal to happy parents.