Four Things to Look Out for When You Buy Engagement Rings

1. Your partner’s vision of the perfect engagement ring.

If you have been with your partner for long, there are high chances that your partner would have fleetingly or elaborately (if you are lucky!) described or shared the vision of their dream engagement with you. Now is the time to recollect all the minute details that they may have shared.

Did she say she wanted the classic diamond ring? Or did she dream of the quintessential platinum bands for both of you?

Go down memory lane, pick up the pieces of your conversation, and confidently head to buy engagement rings Tinley Park IL.

If you do not have a bank of conversations or discussions to pick from, fret not! Pick up the phone and dial up their best friend or mother. You will certainly get a headway in many areas such as stone, type of setting, and/or color of precious metal that your partner will prefer.

2. The 4 Cs.

Now comes the technical yet super interesting part of selecting the perfect engagement ring—the 4 Cs.
You must have read or come across the 4 Cs at many places. They are

• Color

• Clarity

• Cut

• Carat Weight

The color of a diamond is a measure of how colorless it is when viewed under controlled lighting and viewing conditions. The color is measured on a D to Z scale.

Clarity of a diamond refers to the absence of blemishes or inclusions. Now, diamonds are naturally formed as a result of heat and pressure; therefore, it is natural for them to have a variety of these blemishes or inclusions. However, a diamond with lesser of such characteristics will be of a higher value.

A cut is a measure of how well the diamond reflects and interacts with light. In simpler terms, the cut of a diamond plays an important role in releasing the sparkle from within the diamond.

Finally, carat weight is the size of the diamond.

Diamonds usually come in a range of varying characteristics. These characteristics determine the quality and cost of an engagement ring in Tinley Park IL.

3. Going beyond a diamond, other popular gemstones.

While a diamond is a classic, other gemstones are also popular. Whether the gemstone holds a sentimental value or one simply wants to stand out, gemstones such as sapphires and rubies are a popular choice for engagement rings in Tinley Park IL.

While emeralds are not as durable as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, setting them in gold helps protect the stone in the long run.

It is recommended that one stays away from opals and pearls as stones for their engagement ring. Opals dry out and crack with daily wear, while pearls, eventually, erode.

4. Choice of metal and setting of the stone.

Whether you decide to go for a ring in yellow, white, or pink gold or you opt for platinum is a complete choice, depending also on your partner’s choice. Platinum is more dense than gold, making it heavier and more solid—a feel enjoyed and preferred by many. White gold, on the other hand, brightens with regular wear.

As for the setting of the stone in the metal, the number of prongs and how they are constructed are critical. Four to six prongs are ideal for securing the stone; however, one must assess their durability in great detail. For instance, if they are made of thin material, they may likely get caught in a piece of clothing and bend backward. Furthermore, if there are four or less than four prongs, you could end up losing your stone!

There are infinite varieties to choose from. You may need professional help with all these options, but the experience of purchasing engagement rings in Tinley Park IL is far from unassisted. Happy buying!

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