How to Buy a Construction Heater – Four Things You Should Know

Winter months bring additional challenges to the construction industry. Frozen grounds and cold air may downtime the job site. Follow the below guide about construction site heaters as per your requirement.

Choose The Right Fit

Before purchasing construction site heaters, there are essential aspects to consider while buying one. Cold weather has negative impacts on your project as it can affect the design, stability, and performance. Therefore, your heating station’s size depends on the space, basic floor plan, height, and clearance levels. Once you understand the construction sites, you can choose the best heater for the site.

Once you know the project details, you can decide the best temperature level to maintain a job site to save your materials during winters. The heater you choose must have flexible temperature controls to create proper storage conditions for materials and avoid moisture damage.

Use Of Construction Heaters

There are different ways you can use construction site heaters. For instance, frost reduces the bond strength and also decreases the water penetration resistance of concrete. Therefore construction heaters can protect concrete from frost damage. Even the construction crew requires a comfortable environment to perform the finishing work efficiently. Heaters help the craftsmen to provide a comfortable space to finish their work.

Suppose you are dealing with Latex exterior paint. In that case, construction employees can’t apply it below 50 degrees F. Therefore, electric heaters are used at newly constructed spaces to provide the desired temperature.

Most construction sites use drywall installation. The mud compound used while installing drywall can take a lot of time to dry and delay the sanding process properly. It is the reason companies use heaters to make the drying process faster and easier during winter.

Area Of The Construction Site

You can determine the area in your construction site you need to be heated. It can be as simple as just choosing the square footage of your warehouse. For example, if your warehouse products don’t need any heater, you can use it in areas where your employees work. Hence, it will reduce the overall number of heaters used in your warehouse while ensuring warehouse function.

Types Of Heaters You Need At The Site

•  Forced-Air Construction Heaters

Forced-Air Construction Heaters are the most common variety of heaters at construction sites. They deliver heat either by blowing air across an open flame or pulling it across a heat exchanger and transfers 100 percent of the flame’s energy. These on time and budget, making it easy and affordable to complete any construction project.

•  Infrared Construction Heaters

Infrared energy is radiant, and it directly hits the floors, equipment, and people, without wasting any on the surrounding air. It makes them well-suited for use on outdoor job sites.

•  Electric Heaters

Electric heaters push indoor air over several hot coils, continually heating it until it reaches the desired temperature. They are clean, dry, and fume-free and can be ducted to specific areas. These heaters are highly portable, making them perfect for use under decking and inside concrete enclosures. However, one drawback is that it requires too much electricity, which more expensive than using propane or kerosene heaters.

•  Hydronic Construction Heaters

Hydronic heaters are used to thaw frozen ground and maintain concrete at optimal curing temperature. These heaters use portable propane- or oil-fueled boilers to heat fluid and pump it through serpentine tubing that acts as a heat exchanger.

Where To Find The Best Construction Heaters?

The decision to purchase a construction heater depends on you and the project. Factors like job sites, time, budget, and other factors determine whether you wanted to shop for a new construction heater. Once you are clear with your option of purchasing construction site heaters, you can search for opportunities online or in your local stores.

Many companies offer to consult regarding the best heating solution for a construction job site. They also recommend evaluating the site’s needs and helping you choose from the best options available. They not only help you purchase a construction heater but also deliver it on time, making it easy and affordable to complete any construction project.