Nine Things That You Need to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Alpha Phi Clothing

Founded in 1872, Alpha Phi represents values such as loyalty, character development, and leadership. These values must also reflect in the apparel representing the letters of this sorority.

Here are nine things to consider when shopping for Alpha Phi clothing.

1. Look for a retailer offering custom designs.

For sorority members, it is important to have access to a retailer or manufacturer who can offer them custom apparel. When you are shopping for Alpha Phi clothing, consider working with a retailer who can provide you with any style or design as per your requirement.

Alpha Phi members have a lot of events to attend and they need to partake in many activities all round the year. So, consider shopping from an online or a retail store where you can buy custom-designed clothes as per the special requirements of your chapter. The manufacturer under consideration must be able to translate your ideas into beautiful Alpha Phi clothing – just as you desire.

2. Consider the variety on offer.

When you are buying Alpha Phi clothing, you will need everything from a tank top to different kinds of t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and shorts. Going from one retailer to the next; looking for a variety of apparel can be time-consuming and tiring for students. A reputable retailer or a Greek apparel company may be able to offer you all kinds of Alpha Phi clothing right at one place.

3. Check the availability of accessories with the retailer.

Sorority clothing is incomplete without the right accessories. When you are buying Alpha Phi clothing, you should also check for the availability of accessories like caps, bandanas, headbands, socks, and fanny packs that can help complete your outfits.

4. Pay special attention to quality.

Along with the custom designs, it is also important that the Alpha Phi clothing you wish to buy is of the highest quality possible. The fabric must feel as good as it looks. When you wear your Alpha Phi clothing, you must feel the pride of your sorority represented with the Greek letters or related designs on them.

5. Find out about the technology used for screen printing.

The prints on your Alpha Phi clothing must be made with authentic and the most advanced technology available for screen printing. The apparel itself must be made in its entirety within the USA (for best quality) with the latest equipments for printing and design.

6. See that the pricing is right for college students.

Sorority clothing can be very expensive to buy. Not all manufacturers of Greek apparel offer them at prices that are attractive or even viable for college students. See if the prices are relative to the quality of the apparel on offer. Check the discounts on bulk orders.

7. Favor the company that offers benefits and rewards.

The requirement for sorority clothing for the entire year can cost a significant amount of money for each member of the fraternity. Any discounts that you can get from the manufacturer can be a welcome relief for the students.

8. Know the manufacturers’ knowledge of the sorority.

A manufacturer without proper knowledge of the illustrious history of Alpha Phi is not likely to do justice to the clothing designed especially for its members. For custom designs, a manufacturer will need to incorporate symbols, colors, and words associated with the Alpha Phi fraternity.

9. Take into account the support for customers from the company.

Buying sorority apparel is serious business. When you do business with a company with shoddy service and customer support, you can very well experience things such as delays, faulty orders, and poor quality of products. On top of that, you may even not receive the ideal support from them in resolving your queries and problems. So, always choose to buy Alpha Phi clothing from a company with stellar customer support at every stage of the order.

Any problem with the orders or the apparel can cause issues with the sorority members’ ability to turn up in the proper outfits for their social events. It can affect the reputation of the Alpha Phi fraternity, which is very reputed sorority across colleges in the USA.