Six Reasons Why Children Should Drink Distilled Water

A challenge for parents everywhere is ensuring that their children are getting the right amount of nutrients from what they consume. But oftentimes, the more pressing question is, “Is your child getting the purest version of whatever he/she is consuming?” Everything that goes inside a child’s body, ranging from juice, formula, or even pasta needs to be freshly distilled. 

What Exactly Is Distilled Water?

Considered the purest form of water, the best distilled water for baby adds the additional step of filtration, making it the most stringent distillation process. Even though this process eliminates some minerals and all solid residues from the water, it is considered the cleanest and purest form of water. In this article, we shall take a dive into the various reasons why children should drink distilled water. 

Beating the Myth of Distilled Water Being Bad

The first step to walking in the right direction involves awareness. The myth about distilled water being bad for children has been talked about for decades. People claim that children require the vitamins and minerals present in the water which they would otherwise miss out on with distilled water. However, this untrue rumor has only been spreading unawareness, because children who consume distilled water are not exposed to harmful chemicals while getting their essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables. 

Cleansing the Body with Pure Water

Distilled water does not have any extra additives, which in a way, is good not just for children but adults as well. The truth is that, oftentimes, we need a cleanse from all the unhealthy food we consume from time to time, and distilled water is the way to go. If children are feeling uneasy or falling sick too often, it might be a good idea to switch from mineral to distilled water. After all, it is the purest form of water to consume. 

Reducing the Risk of Harmful Chemical Consumption

Did you know that there are multiple harmful contaminants found in tap water that has been directly linked to cancer, learning disabilities, developmental complications, and intestinal issues? It has also been proven that children are more sensitive to these contaminants than adults. It is therefore important to protect them from being exposed to these harmful chemicals at young ages. The solution to this problem is distilled water, wherein none of these harmful chemicals are present. Besides, a developing child’s chemical exposures are much higher than that of an adult’s. 

Give their Immune System a Fighting Chance

Yet another untrue rumor is that children should be exposed to tap water because it will help develop their immune systems and make them stronger. This is a false claim because a child’s immune system is still in its developing stages. You must provide them a fighting chance to fully develop, before exposing them to harmful chemical contaminants. 

Reducing the Risk of Disease

When children are exposed to harmful chemicals, they are more prone to harmful diseases. The process of distillation removes a lot of waterborne pathogens, making it much safer for children to consume. Remember that a child’s organs and systems are developing quite rapidly, and therefore, they are very vulnerable to falling prey to harmful diseases. Severe damage may be caused by chemical exposure which one would never suspect from a bare essential like tap water. Hence, be vigilant about what your child consumes. 

Helps in Advanced Development of the Brain

Let’s put on our nerdy glasses for a quick second here: did you know that consuming water with fewer chemicals and minerals actually promotes a healthier, more porous blood-brain barrier? This barrier is responsible for keeping out harmful substances from entering the brain, and thereby, contributing to its overall health and development. 

Now that we know the important benefits of distilled water over mineral or tap, let’s remember that a child’s development has a lot to do with what he/she consumes. Even though distilled water might taste like nothing (as opposed to mineral, let’s say), there are various other ways to incorporate distilled water into their lives. You may try cooking with it as well! By balancing their diet with mineral-rich foods and distilled water, you’re ensuring that their bodies are receiving the proper formula of nourishment, which is precisely what they need at their age.