The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Baby Bottles Mixer

There are many reasons why parents choose to bottle feed their babies – lack of sufficient breast milk production, for healthy weight gain in babies, to accommodate working hours, and so on. Formula feeds, however, come with the added effort required to prepare the best baby bottles – washing it, mixing formula with water, blending, and finally feeding it to the baby. This can be a tiresome job for parents as babies need to feed often, multiple times during the day. Thankfully there now exist baby bottle mixer which can be used to prepare formula milk in a hassle-free manner. Here is everything you need to know about them.

What does a baby bottle mixer do?

A baby bottle mixer makes your life simpler and easier by taking away all pain points associated with preparing formula feeds. These electronically operated mixers blend formula and water smoothly, thus saving you the time and effort that you otherwise spend shaking bottles vigorously. They are not separate jars, rather, they feature mixing blades within feeding bottles so that you can blend formula and feed the baby without transferring any of it. Many of these mixers or blenders, as they are also called, are designed to provide hands-free operation. They function with the click of a button and can be stopped the same way. So, you get to use that time to cuddle up with your little one as his formula milk gets ready. Or use those precious minutes to finish up another job on that endless to-do list.

Can it be used to mix breast milk?

Absolutely. When you pump out breast milk and store it in the refrigerator, the milk and fat layers tend to separate. These need to be mixed well again before being fed to your little one. A baby bottle blender can be used for this purpose instead of manual blending. Like with formula mixing, the device ensures that all layers blend in smoothly and your baby enjoys feeding your milk out of a bottle as much as he does from you directly.

What other advantages does a baby bottle mixer have?

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a bottled mixer for your baby is that most of these devices available today in the market are anti-colic. Mixing by hand produces foam, which when the baby gulps down, causes him to turn gassy, uncomfortable and colicky. Baby bottle blenders reduce foam and air bubbles from mixing with the milk. They also mix the formula and water smoothly so that there are no undissolved particles or lumps that clog the nipple. This allows the milk to flow uninterruptedly as the baby feeds out of the bottle. Many blenders also help mix rice and cereal formulas as well.

What are the considerations to be made when buying such bottles?

The first and foremost is the size of the bottle. Younger babies need smaller bottles while older ones need bigger ones. As babies grow older, their frequency of feeding comes down but the quantity goes up. As a result, you need to switch bottle sizes as your little one’s tummy grows. The second is the nipple and flow. There are different nipple shapes available. Try to pick one that resembles your natural breast and nipple contours. The closer it is, the easier your baby will find to transition to a bottle. Also, ensure that the nipple provides a good flow. It shouldn’t fill up your baby’s mouth too soon lest he chokes. Neither should the nipple make it difficult to suck milk out of the bottle or else, he could feel irritated or lose interest in feeding out of a bottle.

Another consideration is the quality of the bottle and the chemicals that make it up. It is best to pick up products that are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates and to use nipples made of silicone. You could also look for bottle mixers that are USB powered and which have rechargeable batteries. This makes the blender bottles portable and easy to use when you need to prepare formula milk outside the home.

Baby bottle mixers are a boon in many ways. Buy one today and enjoy the comfort of portable, hands-free mixing and anti-colic feeding.