Things You Should Consider Before Buying Adjustable Standing Desks

You have taken the time to think, taken all the measurements, ready to remove your old desk and welcome your adjustable standing desk. A decade ago, it was very hard to find standing desks, but in the current scenario, these desks are gaining a strong foothold in the market place. Due to the hectic lifestyle, busy people are finding ways of getting up and move during their work hours. The Standing desks are helpful for people who sit at their desks for long periods. Persons who like gaming or craft, the desks are boon for them as it helps in preventing the joints from stiffening and provides more energy.

Now we will be discussing some of the points that one should consider while buying the best adjustable standing desk.

Desk Controls

When looking for the controls of the adjustable standing desk, one has three basic choices – electric, hydraulic, and manual. If one is opting for hydraulic or a manual standing desk, check whether the lever or the crank is in the place so that it is easy to reach, usually on the side of the desktop. For electric, one should check the control pad configuration. Some control pads only have down and up arrows while others consist of two to four numbers for saving various height settings. The desks operate on a dual as well as the single motor system. Standing desks having a dual motor system are quieter.

The height of the Desk

For a standing desk, height is the vital aspect, and after all, height is the sole reason for buying these desks. Moreover, if one is tall or short, height becomes the crucial factor. Check whether the desk lowers enough for allowing you to sit down whenever you wish. The desk should also rise to a certain height where you easily type with your elbows by your side.

The weight of the Desk

Do not be stupid by thinking that any type of desk can handle any weight. Every desk has a different weight capacity. The limit depends on the availability of the electric motor. Those adjustable standing desks that run with an electric motor can withstand more weight than the hand crank or hydraulic system. The average difference is a hundred pounds, and the motor is overtaxed, then there is a risk of burning out.

The frame of the Adjustable Standing Desk

The frame holds the entire desk, so you must look for a sturdy one. Most of the frames are made of aluminum or steel. Some consist of a crossbar for extra support while others do not need support. A desk without the crossbar provides more legroom. For easily moving the desk, find a desk having caster wheels but make sure that the wheels can be locked firmly so that the desk does not slide. You also need to check how the fast the legs can be lowered or raised. Electric desks are very easy to adjust, and their speed varies. Standing desks having dual motor are quicker than the single-motor.

Other Features

The desktop surface area should be spacious so that the computer, files, lamp, and others can be easily accommodated. Please look for the right shape according to your requirements, and unless you are buying a corner or L-shaped desk, the tabletop will generally be curved, or rectangular inward that allow you stand closer to the workspace. Everyone wants the best adjustable standing desk to be durable, so the thickness should be minimum one inch. Check whether the desk is coated with a scratch – resistant material. If you have children, make sure the corners are rounded so the little ones can stay safe.