Tips for Choosing the Best Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The best pour-over coffee makers come equipped with features that help brew the perfect coffee every time you use one. But with hundreds of varieties of the best pour over coffee makers available in the market today, it can be rather difficult to choose one best suited to your needs.

You can, however, make the process easier by considering the below-mentioned tips for choosing the best pour-over coffee maker. 

Choose a Ceramic Dripper

When choosing a pour-over coffee dripper, consider ceramic as the material for the body.

Ceramic retains heat well, which helps in brewing the coffee right. The ceramic as the material is ideal for maintaining the right temperature required for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Ceramic will also not infuse toxins in your coffee during the brewing process. Unlike plastic drippers that can be toxic, ceramic ones are perfectly safe to use.

It is also easy to clean ceramic drippers. Good quality ceramic is resistant to staining. So, you won’t need to worry about your dripper looking old and abhorrent with coffee stains after only some months of use.

Pay Attention to the Design

It is the design of the coffee dripper that makes all the difference to how the coffee will brew.

The spiral ridges on the dripper walls help brew the coffee in a balanced manner. The ridges help the water flow through channels rather than straight into the cup. The slow and balanced movement helps the coffee to brew uniformly.

The walls angles should also be such that the dripper can be used with different kinds of filters. It will help you to use a filter of your preference

The hole at the bottom of the dripper is also essential to how your coffee will taste. One big hole is ideal than two or three smaller holes at the bottom of the dripper. Tiny holes can easily clog the dripper. Tiny holes also result in a stronger brew too due to the slower movement of water through them. If you prefer your coffee with lighter or medium strength of the brew, a dripper with tiny holes is certainly not ideal for you.

A single large hole at the bottom results in better coffee as you can control the strength of the brew during the pouring stage itself.

Buy One with an Ergonomic Handle

The handle of the dripper may not seem like a very important consideration. But when you will use the dripper on a daily basis, it is important to buy one with an easy-grip handle. The handle must be very comfortable to use with a ceramic dripper and should also be non-slippery.

Look for the Right Size                        

It is important to buy the right size of a coffee maker for your everyday convenience. If you need to brew two cups of coffees at the same time, buy a dripper large enough to hold the requisite quantity. You can also opt for two smaller ones if you find them at discounted or affordable rates.

Check the Prices

You can easily find quality pour-over coffee makers at economical rates too. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a coffee maker that can brew the best coffee every time you use it.

Check the prices of different brands by visiting their websites. Many brands also sell via other eCommerce platforms. So, check their features vis-à-vis the costs. It will help you to compare the products in terms of value-for-money features.

Consider Quality

When choosing the best pour-over coffee maker, it is important to pay attention to the overall quality of the product.

Check if the ceramic is of the top quality. Look for proper infusion of colors on the ceramic drippers. Check if the ridges are formed properly inside the dripper. The dripper itself must be steady when you keep it on a surface. The handle must be sturdy.

You can check these quality factors by looking at the product image and reading the description on the website carefully. So, it should not be a worrying factor even when you are buying a pour-over coffee maker online.

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