Top Reasons to Buy Fluoride Free Water for Babies

Mother’s milk is the primary source of nutrition for babies. Breastfeeding provides them every essential nutrient to build a healthy body throughout their life. One next source of feeding for babies is formula milk. The market has many branded formulas that are rich in nutrition and healthy for babies.

Most mothers depend on these formulae for many reasons. In cases where the mother has no enough milk production or the mother has to attend work out of home, infant formula comes into help just in the right way. You need to mix infant formula in water and make it a smooth and uniform food for your baby.

One main question that arises here is: which water should I use to mix formula feed for my baby?

For generations, mothers depended on boiled and cooled tap water. With increasing urbanization and toxins and pollutants paving their way through every food item including water, mothers are concerned about their baby’s health. Here is where the latest developments in water filtering and manufacturing come to help for us.

Fluoride-free water for babies

Amongst the trusted source of water that you can use for baby’s food making, fluoride free water for babies stays atop. As the name indicates, this water contains no fluoride and is healthy for your baby.

If you are wondering why to choose fluoride-free water for your baby, well, you should know many reasons that are behind this. Let us move ahead in the article and understand them.

Maintains healthy levels of fluorine in baby’s body

Excess fluoride can cause a condition called Fluorosis in humans. Baby’s formula is already designed with considerable levels of vitamins and minerals including fluorine. Now, if this formula is mixed with normal tap water that contains fluorine, you are feeding increased doses of fluorine to your baby. This can cause yellowish teeth and dental problems to your baby.

Regulation in your hands

Tap water has unregularized fluorine levels in them and this varies from place to place. Health authorities have been mentioning the same to water bodies. Unfortunately, not everywhere we get regularized fluorinated water. Thus, relying on branded fluorine-free water is a great idea as a parent.

Travel tension free

Often during travel, finding a trusted source of water to prepare food for their babies is a challenge for parents. Besides, the quality of water available in bottles is not assured many times. Additionally, using mineral water for the preparation of formula is not a great idea too. Thus, by keeping branded fluoride-free water bottles for babies, you can travel anywhere without worrying about trusted water for your baby. All that you will need to stay tension free is a bottle of fluoride-free water for babies and infant formula. And there you go! Happy mom ready for a travel time!

Easy to carry

Fluoride-free water comes in various sizes of bottles. You can carry them easily be in your handbags or your luggage.

Reduced hassles

Even if your tap water has adequate levels of fluorine that may be healthy for you or your baby, you need to boil the water, bring it down to room temperature, and then prepare the food for the baby. All these cause extra hassles to moms who are already facing burn out due to taking care of the newborn. Besides, it is all a time taking process that can make your baby suffer from hunger all the time you prepare safe water for her. Instead, keep fluoride-free water for babies handy and there you go. You can prepare infant food without any hassles now!


Fluorine in water can cause dental and bone problems in humans. For infants, the formula already contains adequate levels of fluorine. Adding tap water for the preparation of food for babies will push more levels of fluorine into their digestive system. This may cause a condition called Fluorosis.

Hence, opt for fluoride-free water for babies and build a safety wall against the problems posed by fluorine. Besides, the fluoride-free water is available in many sized bottles and is easy to carry and prepare food for your baby on the go. So why delay, make the best of this health trend from today. Happy parenting!