What to Look for When Buying Cotton Tote Bags?

Cotton tote bags and mesh tote bags are environment-friendly items. They are also quite economical to use. But if you want your reusable bags to last you for a long time; you need to look for several quality parameters.

Here’s what to look for when buying cotton tote bags.

The Fabric

When buying a cotton bag, it is better to choose one made with organic fabric. Some companies use only organic cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals and bags made with it are truly environment-friendly.

But why use organic cotton bags?

If you are switching from plastic bags to cotton ones; the likely reason has to be the environment-friendly component of the latter. Only organic fabrics offer true eco-friendly value. The protection of the environment begins with organic farming as no harmful chemicals are put in the soil. It ensures that the soil and the groundwater remain uncontaminated.

Some people can also experience allergies from non-organic fibers. But there are no such risks with organic cotton; especially if it is certified with GOTS.

The Style

Most grocery tote bags don’t have compartments. But you can still find manufacturers making tote bags with multi-sleeves or compartments for the convenience of the users. So, choose the style as per your requirements.

Cotton tote bags can be made of mesh or plain cotton. Both these types of bags sport different looks and you can choose one as per your preference. Plain cotton tote bags are simple in design but practical to use. Mesh tote bags can look a bit unconventional and more stylish.

You can use cotton tote bags for other purposes too. You needn’t restrict its use to grocery shopping alone. Mesh tote bags look stylish enough to use in malls or to carry books. Even plain cotton bags are practical options to carry not-too-heavy stuff. You can even use them around the house. These bags look stylish enough that you can use them for various purposes without it looking out of place. So, if you want cotton tote bags for multipurpose use; look for really stylish options such as mesh totes.

The Color

As far as cotton bags go, it is better to buy ones available in their natural colors. Bright-colored bags may contain harmful dyes. If you want a true environment-friendly reusable bag then opt for one in white cotton without any use of harmful colors.

If the dye used on the bags is not of good quality then it can bleed during the wash. The color can even come off and stick on your clothes (near the shoulders), your hands, and even the groceries inside the bags.

The Sturdiness

The cotton tote bags and mesh tote bags need to be sturdy enough to hold groceries and heavy loads. Look for reinforced stitching on the bags when buying one. If you are buying the bag online; check the product description for details on the stitching and the bags’ strength.

The handles on the bags must be reinforced. The handles must be strong as well as comfortable to hold. You are going to carry the load in the bag by the handle. So, check them properly for the width and comfort factor.

Feel free to send the manufacturer an inquiry if you like the bag but are unsure of the handle strength.

The Price

You shouldn’t need to pay a lot of money for organic cotton bags. Some brands charge a lot of money for these environment-friendly items due to their sheer novelty factor. So, check the prices carefully before buying a reusable bag.

Cotton bags are economical items and you should be able to buy more than one at a time if needed. A simple online search can help you find many reputable brands and manufacturers selling low-cost and affordable cotton bags.

The price of the cotton bags mustn’t be a deterrent for you to use eco-friendly bags. Yes, prepare to pay a bit extra for superior quality. But the cost will even then turn out to be quite economical in the long run as the bags are likely to last you for years to come.