Why Do You Need to Switch to Reusable Mesh Produce Bag?

An average American throws away more than 300 plastic bags annually. The worst part is these bags only used for an average of 12 minutes but can take more than 500 years for degrading in a landfill. Concerned? However, there is one simple thing you can do to combat this making the switch from plastic to reusable mesh produce bag. Produce bags are beneficial whenever we are buying vegetables and fruits at a grocery store or a farmers market. The best designs are bags with mesh structures where you can collect as many products you need in a single bag, weigh them, and take home. They are also amazing storage containers for the product when you keep them at home. You should know that the worst design is the tiny little clear plastic bag you see in a grocery store. Just think once do we actually need so much of this single-use plastic just because we need some fruits or vegetables?

Reusable cotton mesh bags for produce are far more appealing as they offer numerous benefits such as:

They are functionally similar to a plastic mesh bag when out for shopping

Reusable mesh produce bags are best as you can easily put various items in one bag, and retailers can still able to see everything you have picked up. They can able to put the malleable mesh bag of groceries on the scale, determine the total items and you can easily carry all the items. Moreover, a mesh is breathable unlike those horrible plastic ones –much more beneficial for the produce. Before reaching home, there is much less risk of moisture and heat getting trapped and damaging your items.

More long-lasting and durable than a plastic mesh bag

These bags made from cotton are very tough than their appearance. This is very important for those who make frequent visits to farmer’s markets. Throw the bag in the back of your car, fill it with your required items from the market, transport it to your place and never have to worry about the damage of mesh structure. But, you need to be realistic. The bags will not last for a lifetime and can break if too much strain is put on the mesh. Still, it has the toughness to handle heavy loads. This is also vital if you are planning to hang the bag up for storage at your house. The last thing you want to hear is an avalanche of apples hitting your pantry floor at midnight. These bags also hold up to frequent washing, which is best if they get covered in juice or muddy.

Always better for the environment in the coming years

You may have the question in your mind why there is so much concern about the environment when we can easily get strong reusable plastic mesh bags. Wherever possible, we should avoid the plastic material if you have any sustainable alternative. Cotton is perfect for those with a green conscience and more sustainable. Please remember that plastic fibers degrade and flake off the bag. They pollute the local environment and contaminate the food chain.

Now we will discuss a few easy steps for the transition to reusable produce bags.

Choosing your reusable bag

Buy a drawstring mesh bag so that your veggies can breathe or a muslin bag for storing finer items like grains or flours. These bags are made ethically with pure organic cotton and free from any plastic. There are large, medium, and small sizes available, so you can buy any size according to your requirements.

Washing and Drying the Bags

Put the bags in the washing machine and wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash them and hang for drying. Ensure the bags are fully dry and then store them in a clean location having proper airflow so that any mildew does not form.

Keeping the bags with you

Always keep clean mesh produce bags in your purse, car, or wherever they will be handy for the next trip to the grocery store or the farmer’s market.

Using the tare weights for easy checkout

The reusable mesh produce bag has tar weight tags sewn on them, so it is easy to weigh the produce. Please point them out to the cashier in the store.

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