Why is it Essential to Purchase Doctor Recommended Baby Bottles?

A doctor recommended baby bottle offers many benefits for feeding infants and toddlers. It can prevent instances of colic in babies. It is also helpful when you need to transition your baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Here’s why it is essential to purchasing a doctor recommended baby bottle.

For reducing the occurrence of colic –

Colic refers to non-stop crying in babies. Its cause is attributed to indigestion and gas. Colic can occur when babies intake excessive air along with their foods. The air inside their tummies can cause pain and discomfort; leading to incessant crying. Food that is not properly blended can also cause discomfort in a baby’s tummy. 

Doctor recommended baby bottles help to blend food into a smoother consistency without the formation of excess air bubbles. Such bottles come equipped with a blender. So, you don’t need to shake the cereal or formula after putting it inside the bottle. You won’t even need to blend the food separately using your kitchen blender. 

When you blend the food separately using a blender or mix it using a spatula; air bubbles are likely to form in the food. If you decide to forgo the blending of the food to prevent air bubbles, the lumps in the formula can make your child gag. The lumps can also make it difficult for the food to pass through the bottle’s nipple.

The doctor recommended baby bottles also have air vents. These vents remove most of the air inside the food. The result is a smoother food consistency without excess air bubbles. When you reduce your baby’s intake of air, you reduce instances of colic in your baby. 

Such bottles can help you blend all kinds of cereals and even breast milk. Stored breast milk becomes unpalatable for babies as it separates into layers. The fat rises on the top and the liquid remains at the bottom. When you blend the breast milk, it becomes smoother again and can pass through the nipple easily.

For an easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding –

Doctor recommended baby bottles are designed for a smoother transition of babies from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

The nipples are designed to very closely resemble the shape of a woman’s breast. The silicone nipple makes it possible for babies to latch onto it without any problem. You can even choose the nipple as per the flow speed. So, if your baby feeds slowly, you can choose a nipple with a slow flow speed. You can also switch the nipples as per the age of your baby. For older babies, there is a sippy cup attachment that you can use for feeding other liquids.

The bottle’s design is also comfortable for babies. When the babies are old enough to hold the bottle by themselves, the non-slippery design is a boon. You can also use separate handle attachments as per the motor skills development in your child.

For using a safe product –

Doctor recommended baby bottles are made with safe materials. Such bottles are free from toxins such as BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Toxic plastic and other materials can release toxins into your baby’s meals. When you use the bottle extensively, even a tiny amount of toxins with each feed can be harmful to your child. So, it is best to use a bottle that poses no harm to your child in any way.

For ease of use –

Doctor recommended baby bottles are designed for ease of use. It helps to reduce the stress on parents by reducing the feeding task to just one or two steps. When parents are stress-free, they can take better care of their kids.

You can put the cereal or formula inside the bottle and press the button to start the blending process. The process is completed in a jiffy. You won’t need to use a spatula or fork, bowls, and kitchen blender for preparing your baby’s food. Using the doctor recommended baby bottle will also reduce your cleaning chores.

You can also use the bottle on the move as it is portable. You can charge the bottle with the USB charger that comes with it.

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