Why Should You Purchase a Backpack with Shoe Compartment?

As someone who showers and frequently changes at the gym, you need a gym bag with shoe compartment that has sufficient space for all gym-related needs, including your shoes. A gym bag, specifically a backpack, with a shoe compartment is the perfect choice for such needs. Here are some compelling reasons to purchase a gym bag of this kind.

Your footwear is stored away from everything else

Your shoes visit a lot of places within the gym including the workout area, the equipment, and the restrooms. It’s also possible that you wear them for outdoor activities such as when jogging on the streets or playing with your children in the park. Thanks to the environments that they come in contact with, gym shoes accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, making them not-so-fit for packing inside the main cavities of a backpack. Imagine all the germs that you would transfer onto your clothes, toiletries, valuables, water bottles, and food packets if you were to pack your shoes along with all of these in the bag! A separate shoe compartment provides you with a hygienic storage option while also saving you the trouble of having to carry around another bag for the footwear alone.

There’s a whole lot of designated space for the other stuff as well

A gym backpack with a shoe compartment does not mean that the bag can store footwear alone. In fact, this bag design is one that is seen with the maximum number of pouches and pockets serving as designated storage for all your belongings. Good quality bags come with a large main cavity plus smaller pockets for sunglasses, zipped inner compartments for valuables, easy-to-access pouches for earphones, vented pouches for used and sweaty clothes and accessories, outer pockets for water bottles, straps for yoga mats, and so on. This makes the gym backpack a one-stop solution for all your storage needs when heading to the gym.

These bags are super comfortable to use

As opposed to sling bags that rest on one shoulder or duffel bags that need to be held by the hand, a backpack rests on both shoulders, thus making it easy and comfortable for you to carry the bag around. The bag does not slip off or slide down your shoulders when worn correctly and comes with adjustable straps for a good fit and ergonomic weight distribution. The straps often are filled with support and cushioning material so that you do not experience strain or aches on your shoulders or back even when you carry them around for a long time. This feature is especially helpful for those who commute a lot by walk or using crowded buses and metro trains, which involve a lot of time on foot, without rest.

The design is also fit for college, work, and travel

Though not as professional looking as a briefcase or a laptop bag, the backpack is definitely something that you can carry to college to college or work, provided the material is of a sober color like black, grey, or dark blue and that it does not have graphics or funky prints anywhere on the body. In fact, most gym backpacks come with laptop sleeves and compartments for electronic gadgets, making them ideal for use in the office or university. Additionally, the presence of so many segregated storage spaces also makes the gym backpack a great choice for travel. Almost anything that you pack for the gym can also be stuffed into the bag when you travel. The outer zips and pouches also allow easy access to passports and boarding passes when on the move.

The bags are durable and easy-maintenance

Unlike other bags that could be made from leather or resin, backpacks typically are made from nylon and polyester, which are lightweight and easy to clean. Water or food spills, as well as dust and dirt, can quickly be wiped off the bag’s surface using water and mild soap. Also, when made from premium grade materials like ballistic nylon, these bags last really long even when withstanding everyday wear and tear. The gym backpack with shoe compartment is indeed a great companion for workout needs, so why not grab one for yourself today?