Eight Things to Look for When Buying Unique Bar Stools

The stools used for seating in kitchen counters, bar counters, dining tables, and others are available in different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. When chosen right, they not only serve functional purposes but also add visual interest and beauty to interior areas. Here are eight tips to help you pick unique and distinct bar stool designs for your home.

1 – Look for unusual shapes

Most bar stools typically feature round or rectangular shapes. Some of them are even designed to look like chairs and have backrests, footrests, and armrests for comfort and support. In order to add interest, steer clear of such regular shapes and opt for unusual ones with curved bodies, recessed seats, and so on. A typical example of such a stool would be one with the seat and backrest shaped like a seashell. Another interesting design is the logwood bar stool with a semi-cylindrical wooden piece propped up in place of the cushion. Bar stools can also be unique with respect to the design of their legs. While typical designs have a single central support or four legs, unusual designs feature two or three legs joined at angles to each other.

2 – Pick stools with interesting backrest styles

Backrests in bar stools serve not just functional purposes, but also aesthetic ones. For exclusivity, pick stools with back supports covered in wicker or fabric. You could also choose unique ones that feature bentwood attached to the frame in a crossover or mesh-like pattern. Other interesting details to look out for include circular backrests with upholstery, wooden backrests with metallic, and so on.

3 – Embrace upholstery and flip covers

The upholstery that decks up the sofas and seats in your home can also give a stylish twist to bar stools. The same applies to slipcovers, which also offer the benefit of ease of maintenance. Use bright upholstery to liven up interiors. Use neutrals, pastels, and sober colors to add a sophisticated touch.

4 – Add bench seating

A recent trend in bar stools is the use of bench seating that allows more than one person to be seated on a stool. Such designs typically feature an elevated stool or two stools that have been fused together with a single, elongated cushion. Bench stools are extremely versatile and allow more people to be seated close to one another in areas that have space constraints. Such seating arrangements can also be mixed and matched with individual bar stools for a customized seating needs.

5 – Mix and match materials

Bar tools typically feature a single material throughout their frame and body, but you can always mix and match two or more materials for added beauty and functionality. Some examples of unique bar stools of this kind include those with wooden frame and metal seats, metal frames and wooden seats, metal frames and acrylic seats etc. The combination of different materials allows you to create an enchanting visual display come and is especially beneficial to homes that feature a crossover theme such as industrial chic, transitional designs, and so on.

6 – Focus on the interplay of colors

Using colored bar tools brings about a unique visual interest to the interior spaces in your home. For an added edge, use bar stools in multiple colors or monochrome with shades. For example, pick designs with multicolor wooden panels. Even better, pick those with a mix of bright colors like blue, red, orange etc.

7 – Choose ottoman inspired cushions

Bar tools that offer the comfort of ottomans are yet another class of interesting design for home interiors, kitchens, and bars. Search seating typically lac backrests but have high and wide cushion seats that lend the same comfort as that of an ottoman. Finished in leather or faux leather, such bar stools are apt for contemporary and urban homes with sophisticated interiors.

8 – Opt for added detail

Some bar stool features exist only for the purpose of aesthetic appeal, such as backrests with printed fabrics or polished frames. To pick unique designs, check out bar stools with colored upholstery, intricately carved legs, vintage wood detailing, basket weave seats, distressed finishes, and so on.