Important Tips When Looking for Women’s Bike Short

If you’ve recently invested in a good bike or found yourself loving the exhilarating sport that is cycling, we believe congratulations are in order. First off, they are a great source of physical exercise, and secondly, they are just so much fun, it won’t even feel like exercising for the most part! But now, you might be wondering about the strange outfits donned by cyclists before taking to the roads. They may look silly, but is there a reason they dress like that? In this article, we talk about the importance of women’s bike shorts and what some of the factors are that you must consider before buying yourself a pair.

Bike Shorts for Women Vs Baggy Cargo Shorts?

As cyclists go streaming down the roads with their skintight shorts and jerseys, you’re probably wondering why you can’t stick with your comfortable baggy cargo shorts. Well, we suggest you try it for yourself. Cycling may be fun, but it can take a serious toll on your body (especially your butt) even for relatively short rides. The reason why many women dress up in bike shorts is that they have been designed particularly to provide comfort while riding. Using padding in the right places, and seams placed strategically to reduce chafing and such, bike short for women really make cycling easy for you, especially if you’re just starting out as a cyclist.

If you’re wondering why it needs to be tight-fitting and made of flexible materials like spandex or lycra, it is because this helps reduce air resistance, while promoting a full range of motion on the bike. If you want to aim higher for more benefits, go for high-end cycling shorts that use technical sports material to promote breathability, reduce heat absorption, and beat any kind of weather condition.

Bike Shorts for Women: What to Consider While Buying Them?

Let’s dive right into the top factors to consider before buying yourself a good pair of bike shorts:

1. Set a Budget

We all know that even if your eyes land on a juicy pair of bike shorts for women if it is even remotely out of your price range, you will keep scrolling down. Therefore, before beginning, choose a suitable budget for yourself: the amount you’re willing to spend for a good pair. Bike shorts for women can range anywhere between $20 to $200, so the sky’s the limit. While the higher-end products are typically more beneficial, expensive does not always equate to good quality, so be wary.

2. The Fit Ideal for You: Tight Or Baggy?

Remember that in most cases, tight is fit for cycling on a road for long distances, because it guarantees comfort and an aerodynamic fit. However, if you’re not cycling for sport and are merely commuting somewhere by bike, need pockets, and want to look funky, then you might want to consider something like baggy mountain bike shorts for women. These bike shorts have an inner liner, making it good for cycling while giving you space for your legs to breathe for walking.

3. Padding

The level of padding required by you is fairly subjective. A good tip would be to consider what you need the bike shorts for. For instance, if you’re competing in a triathlon, you will require a thin pad, so that you can bike, swim, and run in the same pair with ease. When you’re buying bike shorts for women, make sure that the chamois is the right fit for whatever activity you use the bike shorts for. Always remember, spending a little extra money on a better chamois is never a bad deal.

4. Never Share Bike Shorts With Men

Bike shorts for women are designed specifically for women; remember never to use your husband’s or share yours with your husband, because the chamois is designed specifically for each gender. That said, stay away from unisex bike shorts, because you’ll be sorry you did. Another tip to keep in mind is that you do not wear underwear while donning bike shorts for women, or men for that matter. So get used to the idea of wearing them without underwear.

5. Overall Panel Construction

Fewer panels of fabric on bike shorts for women may be the result of buying less expensive shorts. Having a higher number of panels does increase overall performance and comfort, so if you want to spend a few extra bucks on a pair with more panels, that should be fine. Technically-designed and form-fitting bike shorts for women providing the maximum level of comfort and performance could have up to 8 panels.