What Should I Look For When Buying a Tens Unit?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy is gaining popularity due to many reasons. TENS Units work on electrical supply and send stimulations to our body to generate their own pain killers. TENS therapy is a great alternative to physiotherapy and getting respite from pain at the comfort of the home.

There are various reasons why TENS units are becoming popular. TENS units are easy to carry, light in weight, and affordable. They are a good choice for providing pain relief and avoid pain killers. They fit well for any age and gender, making them usable by everyone. They do not demand any expertise to use; only you need to follow the instructions according to the manual.

Thanks to the benefits of TENS Units, the market is booming with brands that design them. It can be confusing to choose a TENS unit that stays for long. If you are looking to buy a TENS unit and need clarity on what to look for in a TENS unit before buying it, here are some tips for you.

Check the quality

Go through the reviews and inspect the quality. TENS units should last long without any breakage or wear and tear. The quality of their material should be sturdy and non-toxic for use. You can gain the information from the reviews on the website of the product as well as in the health forums.

Check the lifetime of the electrode

At the first sight, TENS units might look affordable when you watch the commercials on the TV. But the main running cost of a TENS unit can include the replacement cost of the electrodes. Replacing electrodes can be a costly affair if you look at it in the long run. Thu, checking for the life of the electrode is one thing that you should not miss when considering buying a TENS unit. Prefer those units that last long months to minimize spending on them frequently.

Check the customer services

TENS units are popular, however, when it comes to their maintenance and troubleshooting, only expert help is suggested. And it is available only at the sellers’ customer support team. Thus, the brand which you are choosing should have a strong customer support team who will be available on call and by email every day. They should be able to guide you with the usage and put you at ease while operating it.

Even for troubleshooting or repair, the turnaround time should be the least possible. Checking for customer support is also important to avoid falling into the trap of fake brands that sell and do not respond the next moment.

Check the Technical Details

TENS units may be easy to use. But in the end, they are technical items that use a power supply. Thus, it goes without saying to check the technical details like maximum and minimum power supply permitted, number of cycles that a battery can withstand, and the recommended power supply to experience the pain relief without feeling too hot.

Check the personal preferences

TENS units can produce heat while operating. The heat levels can suit some people while others may find it a little time taking to adjust. As everyone has their comfort levels and the pain relief is dependent on the heat levels, it is important to see if you can try the device first before purchasing. The manufacturer should assure you test and try the option to help you make a decision about its purchase.

Check the manufacturer’s warranty details

A warranty is an essential aspect for any item and much so more to devices that run on an electrical supply. You would not want your device to go haywire on electrical fluctuations or be dead the second day of purchase. Hence insist on purchasing TENS units that have a solid period of warranty from the manufacturer. This way you end up being on the safer side of the product usage and maintenance.


TENS units help in pain reliving in many ways. When you purchase them from reliable sources, you can enjoy their benefits for a long. Do not miss to check these aspects mentioned above next time when you are searching for a reliable TENS unit.

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